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Celebrating a special evening during COVID-19

Instead of our traditional Christmas Eve Service on December 24, we have planned Christmas Dinner across the Eindhoven metropole in smaller groups. Meeting each other physically during this time will be the central theme in a time where people can feel very lonely far away from friends and family.

Do you want to have people over to your house and do you like to cook? Please fill out the form with how many guests (max 3 due to current regulations) you are willing to welcome. We can support you with ideas for the evening and recipes if you’d like. Perhaps we can even find someone to cook with you!

Would you rather eat at someone else’s house? Please let us know with how many people (adults and children) and let us know your allergies or other things we need to know about you (like your ability to converse in Dutch). We will make sure that everyone gets a place at the table!

What will the evening look like? We will start the evening at 1800 together with a short Christmas message from our church de Brug. We will do this virtually with all groups joining via Zoom or Jitsi. Afterwards everyone will sit at table (try to keep the 1.5 meters distance) to enjoy a nice meal and each other’s company.

You are very welcome, even if the Christmas holiday doesn’t mean anything to you or if you’ve never been to de Brug. Please let us know before December 21 whether you want to join and we will take care of the rest!

PS if you would like to cook, but have no room to host guests, let us know in the remarks!

    Your choice

    With how many people will you come/how many people can you host? (max 3 adults due to covid rules)

    Here is a map of the (approximate) locations that have already signed up for the Christmas dinner.